Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Cake with the right mixture but wrong mix

OMG I baked this plain cake that turned out to be so plain. On Tuuesday when I got back home from work, I felt like baking. I have never been good with the Oven but hey! What can a woman do?
I decided to bake a cake using the following recipes;

Flour - 4 cups
butter - 8 tablespoons scoops
eggs - 6
salt - 1 teaspoon
milk - 2 cups
sugar - 2 cups
baking powder - 4 teaspoons
nutmeg - 2 teaspoons

Guess how I went about it?
I mixed the sugar, eggs, butter, milk together in one bowl and then flour, nutmeg, salt, and baking powder in another.
What a dump thing to mix milk, unmelted butter, sugar and eggs together? How did I hope to get the butter smooth? Really there was no way out given that I do not have a mixer.

Using common sense, I had to add the powderish mixture to the liquid mixture. it took alot of effort to do it but eventually we had a smooth cakish mixture.
Eating the cake, it is just the best thing I have ever baked.

Yes sometimes mistakes are not mistakes at all.

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