Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My life in October 2011

It is hard to believe it myself but yes I shall soon be a mother of four. I cannot tell you how it feels but I look forward to strength from God to overcome the challenges.
In April  2004, I went to get my womb tied because I wanted nothing to do with babies. I had just met this young Master student who so much wanted us to get married and have kids. In fact he seemed to have wanted kids more than marriage. In frustration, I decided to get my womb tied. The delay from my doctor's reluctance; for he thought I was too young and the price delayed me to change my mind just a few months after seeing the doctor. I fell pregnant in July of the same year.

In April 2005, I heard the cry of my own off-spring. How funny. After being pregnant 6 times (2 miscarriages on the 2nd of March at 11 weeks 5 days and on the 22nd of July 2011 at 8 weeks 5 days), I am soon to be a mother of 4 beautiful babies; Shanon 2005, Stacey 2007, Synclare 2009 and Sidney 2011.

How else can I thank God? Please tell me.

Want to tell your story? Write to me and I shall publish it.

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