Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Happy Home is still being built

My husband and I own a skills development/workplace training company with 30 full time and 8 part-time employees. After his PhD in 2009, my husband quit his job and joined me on a full time basis to run our company. This is partially because we had 3 kids already and I was not coping on my own and bacause we realised that working as a team, we could do better. It has been the best choice we ever made. We work well as a team and though I will like to have as much rest and as much time spent with my four kids than initially envisaged, I just can't because this company has just turned 5 years old and still in a learning curve of business.
my husband is putting in all his time and efoort to see that all goes well. We are sure seeing the reward of hard work and of working as a team.
I thank God for the man I married and do hope that we leave long and healthy to harvest what we are planting today.

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